Edita Kemzūraitė

Head of Content

PMP since 2017, PMO-CP, GPM-b

Co-founder of the PM & PMO Conference and Project Management United, currently working as a Senior Project Manager with the complex projects that deliver innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment.

„I believe in the power of project management! The power comes from continuous learning and growing as well as connecting with the professionals and leaders from all over the world. Only surrounded by subject matter experts and other professionals WE can make the difference in every project WE deliver! I wish PM & PMO Conference to become The Connector for All who has passion for projects – above and beyond.”

Inga Ablingienė

Head of Partner Solutions

PMP since 2019

Co-founder of the PM&PMO Conference, having experience working with projects in Transport Innovations, IoT area.

„I seek the Project Managers community to become those who are change agents, take more responsibility, always seek knowledge and stay committed to the results. I wish PM Conference to become a yearly fest for us to gather, share what we have learnt and meet the leaders of our profession.”

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Al Zeitoun.png

Dr. Al Zeitoun

Chief Executive and Global Innovation Strategist

PMP since 1994, PgMP since 2019, PMI Fellow

„The Next Generation project management is around the corner! The potential of project management at the strategy execution excellence enabler is witnessed across programs and projects worldwide.  The Human face of Industry 4.0 has empathetic leaders driving our way of working into the future. This is the time for embracing the value proposition of this evolving profession.” 

A passionate futurist executive who uses strategic global insights informed by data analytics, engineering, and business model expertise to advance innovative industry practices and successfully achieve clients' digital transformation intentions. 

Viewed as a strong corporate strategist, planner, collaborator, integrator, executive coach, open thinker, and culturally diverse change advisor. Focuses on unleashing organizational performance by unlocking the full balanced potential of people and digitalization.

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Žydra Tubelytė

PMO Manager at 1ClickFactory

„I believe that the ingredients of successful project management are open-minded thinking, perfect listening and communication skills, continuous learning, and passion for change.” 

Žydra brings more than 17 years of an extensive project, program, and portfolio management experience in the computer software industry. Having a wide knowledge of program leadership, designing, and managing portfolio and project management frameworks, Žydra has demonstrated her capacity to lead many complex and business-critical implementation projects successfully. In her current role, Žydra provides best practices and hands-on assistance to colleagues in managing various projects, as well as developing and implementing company-wide practices for project management.

Taking part in the PMO Global award as a judge committee member as well as volunteering for different initiatives to further mature the project management profession, she is continuing to constantly improve herself professionally.

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Head of Partner Solutions

PMP since 2019

Our passion is project management, and our mission is to create a diverse community of project managers, seek networking and continuous improvement. Let us make the Project Manager and PMO Profession a prestigious choice.


Project Management Conference as a platform for professional events and networking for Project Managers/Change Agents/Change Makers, Young Professionals and Project Enthusiasts who want to level up their skills and mindset in Project Management.​ We seek for long-lasting partnerships with multiple organizations that invest to innovative and strategical project management and support the ground principles of Project Economy.​