HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands

   Gilbert Silvius (1963) is considered a leading expert in the field of sustainability in project management and is a frequent and inspirational speaker on project management and sustainability events. He is active at over a dozen universities across Europe and is a visiting professor at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. As a practitioner, Gilbert has over 25 years’ experience in organizational change and IT projects and is a member of the international enable2change network of project management experts. He has published several books and numerous studies and articles. Gilbert holds a PhD degree in information sciences from Utrecht University and masters’ degrees in economics and business administration. He is also a certified project manager, scrum master and product owner.  

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Inga Popovaitė

Researcher @KTU SHMMF

Inga Popovaite has a PhD in sociology from the University of Iowa. She studies small group dynamics in places that resemble long term space flight conditions (space analogs). Dr. Popovaite conducted her dissertation research at the Mars Desert Research Station, a space analog facility in Utah (USA). In her work, Inga uses mixed methodology and explores gender, emotions, and status in groups that live and work together for a period of time. Currently Dr. Popovaite is a researcher at Kaunas University of Technology and a recipient of Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation scholarship.  


Read more about her research at  

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Joel Carboni

Founder of GPM

Co-author of Sustainable Project Management, an Amazon bestseller

Sustainability Leader of the Year for 2021 by CEO Today Magazine 

Dr. Carboni is a leading authority on sustainable project management.  He is a graduate of Ball State University and holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable Development and Environment. He has over 24 years’ experience in portfolio, program and project management—spanning government, finance, big five consulting, manufacturing and education.  


He is a frequent speaker at project management and sustainability symposiums, congresses and conferences all over the globe and has worked in over 50 countries advancing sustainable development where he has honed his skills in international business.  He is the President Emeritus of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in the United States, and member of the Global advisory board. He is also the founder of GPM (Green Project Management) and a visiting professor at Skema Business School (France and Brazil Campuses) among others. 


Joel is also the GPM representative to the United Nations Global Compact where he was a founding signatory of the UN’s Business for Peace Initiative & Anti-Corruption call to action, a contributing framer of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), and is one of only fourteen listed supporting organizers of the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education Program (PRiME). 

He is the architect of the PRiSM™ project delivery methodology, the P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management. And has authored training programs on Green and Sustainable Project Management that are currently offered in over 145 countries through professional training providers, business associations, and universities. 


TaJuanna M. Taylor

Founder & Principal Consultant of Bootstrap Dreams, LLC 

With over 15 years of demonstrated consulting expertise, TaJuanna has a well-earned reputation for her ability to cultivate and mobilize a business vision and team. She has real-world experience in small business and state government administration, and has received over 9 unsolicited awards for leadership, social impact, contribution, exemplary service, and implementation. TaJuanna also carries the globally recognized credential of certified Project Management Professional (PMP®).  


As the founder and Principal Consultant of Bootstrap Dreams, LLC, TaJuanna is all about integrating and accelerating business ease. She shows overwhelmed business owners how to stop doing it all themselves, lead with a clear action strategy, and confidently hire virtual professionals so the business can grow and scale.  


TaJuanna believes it’s imperative to inspire impact over image among professional women. She is dedicated to the execution of innovative dreams and hiring quality teams to experience better business. TaJuanna is a public speaker and the co-author of the Amazon best seller: “Say Yes Everyday: Thrive Thursday”. Faith, exploration, journeying through motherhood, and doing life in community are other life gifts of TaJuanna’s fulfillmen.

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Artūras Kuliešas

Synchronisation Programme Manager, LITGRID AB

Arturas Kuliesas (PMP, PgMP) is an experienced project and program manager since 2002, the Member of the Board of Lithuanian Project Management Association, lecturer and trainer specialized in projects, programs, quality and risk management.

Arturas has led multi-million euro projects and programs for international banking, IT and energy sectors.

He is also the Partnership Associate Professor at Vilnius University Business School.


Skirmantė Ušurliakienė 

Senior Portfolio and Project Manager, AB SEB bankas 

Skirmantė is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in IT, IT consultancy and financial sector. Currently she is working as Senior Portfolio and Project Manager at SEB Baltics, leading major projects throughout the region.  

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Monika Martinsson

CPO and co-founder, Deedster

Monika holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, from Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden). She spent 12 years in the global capital markets industry, working with high-end trading software solutions and managing growing teams in EMEA. In 2016, she and three colleagues founded Deedster - a technology platform that use data, insights, and gamification to engage individuals and corporates to accelerate their efforts to halting climate change.

Audrius Rutkauskas

Sustainability Officer, AB SEB bankas

Audrius has exposure to a variety of different industries: from one of the biggest supply chain companies in the world, London-based startup, Lithuanian government to banking sector. He has experienced different roles as well: from analyst, customer success lead, to innovation center manager and now his current position as Sustainability officer. His areas of interest and passions intersect between innovation, sustainability, business development and human psychology. He is currently most fascinated by transition to green economy and how such phenomena affect businesses around the globe.

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