Project Economy. But what exactly is it?

Are you still thinking about the sweets we promised at the beginning? For us, nothing is sweeter than a bit of project management knowledge. One of the main topics in 2021 PM Conference is Project Economy. But what exactly is it?

Edita Kemzūraitė, the co-founder of the conference, describes it this way:

Project Economy is a fundamental shift in the business world using projects to handle work and solve problems focusing on the social impact, sustainability, and resilience.

The principles of Project Economy encourage all the business sectors and organizations to start implementing the innovations and showing their value by projects. In such organizations Project managers can be simply called "change agents" or transformation leaders.

In Project Economy, the project manager's role is changing.

They require to have such skills as collaborative leadership, empathy, an adaptive mindset, and the ability to build trust in a fast pacing environment.

In my opinion, it is leading to a new more interesting future of project management that requires continuous learning and innovation.


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