Meeting #1 with RICARDO VARGAS

Make a cup of coffee & enjoy a little sip of project management news at the same time. We have some PM sweets to share but firstly, we have two exciting meetings scheduled for you.

If you think that having your own podcasts is a pretty recent trend, Ricardo would prove you wrong. He started them back in 2017 and in 13 years he recorded more than 500 episodes. All of them are dedicated to project management and each takes around 5 minutes.

So, enjoy, our top 3 recommendations for Ricardo's 5 Minutes Podcast:

Simplify Management: The Project is Complex enough

Manage by Exception: Be inspired in 5 minutes

Movement ≠ Progress: Avoid the frustration

Thirsty for more? Project Management Insights, not coffee this time. We invite you to dive into one of our main topics of the PM Conference – Projectized Strategy with Ricardo’s 10 Principles of Implementation Excellence.


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