Buy a Ticket - Plant a Tree

You buy a ticket!

We plant a tree!

PMU has entered into social partnership with the nonprofit organization Myliu mišką (EN: Love forest). Instead of welcome bags, all the participants of the Conference will receive a tailored certificate that one has planted a tree.

Buy ticket - plant a tree.png

VŠĮ Myliu mišką is a non-profit organisation and experts in forestry with the aim to increase the forest area in Lithuania thus neutralising negative impact of CO2 emissions. VŠĮ Myliu mišką takes care of the planted trees for 8 years until it becomes a forest and gets under the supervision of national authorities.

To neutralise a footprint of CO2 of one person should plant at least 27 trees every year.  PMU team targets to plant 3000 trees this year and thus provide an opportunity for you to plant a tree yourself at tree planting festival. We invite to join our efforts to plant a forest!

More information about Myliu mišką you will find at: VšĮ Myliu Mišką (