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Project Management Conference BRIDGE 2021

11 November 2021




EARLY BIRD ends in:

Blind tickets and Early Bird tickets for International Project Management Conference - Bridge 2021

Online event for individual bookings


 99 EUR 

Valid until 1st October


129 EUR

Online event for Groups 5+ bookings

Live Event bookings

Only 50 seats available!

Venue TBC 1st Sep


 79 EUR 

Valid until 1st October


99 EUR

 180 EUR 

Group Bookings for TEN or more

Looking to bring a bigger party? Get in touch and let us know – there’s a great deal for you.



International Online and Onsite (Live Event) Project Conference in Vilnius 2021


We are interconnectors within the diverse and vibrant project management community.

We seek

  • to link all the project management schools to talk,

  • share their experience,

  • and show the way forward.

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HOW will it HAPPEN?

BRIDGE 2021 will provide a one-day platform ONLINE and LIVE EVENT for Project Management Professionals.

ONLINE event will be broadcasted from a live event venue, attendees will have the opportunity to interact asking questions and reacting to the Conference content.

Details of LIVE EVENT will be announced no sooner than 1st September this year in-line with the Covid-19 situation and Lithuanian Governments’ recommendation.

The best project management training in Lithuania



Project Economy - the future of every project manager

Projectized Strategy

Project Management TOMORROW


We will step into PROJECTIZED STRATEGY! This is the future not only of every project manager but also of every C-level manager in a company. In-line with economic challenges we will be facing uncertainty and social challenges in every step we make. Let us see what global strategists will recommend us to proceed with our mindset and how to measure the impact of our project results.

Project Management - digital transformations changed  way of international project management working and enhanced results

Digital Project Management

Are we DIGITAL enough?


Be sure you will learn the best practices from different business areas on how digital transformation changed their way of working and enhanced results. Yet the key issue is CYBERSECURITY. High-level speakers will guide you on which digital tools will make your project efficient and how to secure your digitalized project data.

Power Skills - the biggest value we have is

Power Skills

What is the key of every project?


The biggest value we have is our POWER SKILLS. Surely, people make the projects happen. Creating a strong community that shares their mistakes, lessons learned, success stories make us stronger. Let us be guided by LEADERS and build our POWER SKILLS.










Keynote Speaker


Keynote Speaker

How to bridge the Path to the Future: Handling and Managing Uncertainty  




How best to learn and master the top 6 PM techniques 



PM and Digital Security. What do I need to know about that?

Speakers background - Ina.png



Project Execution Strategy using PPI tools



Healthcare Resilience and digitalization are redefining project economy – The Next Paradigm!



What should not be forgotten when preparing for digital project management in construction?

More speakers will be announced soon.



The BRIDGE 2021 AGENDA reveal starts in JUNE.

At the moment we are building speakers’ network inviting high level professionals from all over the globe.

If you are a PASSIONATE LEADER in your topic or know someone to recommend, we cannot wait for your message to edita@pmconference.org.

Partners and Sponsors


Our Premium Partner

Adprojectum - Projektų vadovų konferencija premium partneriai

Our Corporate Partner

Crayon - Projektų valdymo mokymai partneriai

Our Social Partners


Want your COMPANY to be positioned as an AUTHORITY in project managers community?


Partners and sponsors will have the opportunity to be visible getting a BRAND EXPOSURE or a dedicated SPEAKER’S SLOT.


For a tailored proposal please contact inga@pmconference.org.


From the very beginning of PM Conference launch, we ENJOY and APPRECIATE the support of our highly professional friends, who guide us on strategic, content and organizational development of the event.

Dr. Al Zeitoun, Chief Executive,

and Global Innovation Strategist

PMP since 1994, PgMP since 2019, PMI Fellow 

„The Next Generation project management is around the corner! The potential of project management at the strategy execution excellence enabler is witnessed across programs and projects worldwide.  The Human face of Industry 4.0 has empathetic leaders driving our way of working into the future. This is the time for embracing the value proposition of this evolving profession.” 

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 Žydra Tubelytė, 

PMO Manager at 1ClickFactory

„I believe that the ingredients of successful project management are open-minded thinking, perfect listening and communication skills, continuous learning, and passion for change.” 

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Projektų vadovas ir PM Conference Įkūrėjas ir Tarptautinė konferencija organizatorė

Edita Kemzuraite, Head of Content

PMP since 2017

Co-founder of the PM Conference, currently working as a Senior Project Manager with the complex projects that deliver innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment.

„I believe in the power of project management! The power comes from continuous learning and growing as well as connecting with the professionals and leaders from all over the world. Only surrounded by subject matter experts and other professionals WE can make the difference in every project WE deliver! I wish PM Conference to become The Connector for All who has passion for projects – above and beyond.”

Inga Ablingiene, Head of Partner Solutions

PMP since 2019

Co-founder of the PM Conference, currently working as a Project Manager with smart metering and IoT projects.

„I seek the Project Managers community to become those who are change agents, take more responsibility, always seek knowledge and stay committed to the results. I wish PM Conference to become a yearly fest for us to gather, share what we have learnt and meet the leaders of our profession.”

Our Mission

Our passion is project management, and our mission is to create a diverse community of project managers, seek networking and continuous improvement. Let us make the Project Manager Profession a prestigious choice.

Our Vision

​Project Management Conference as a platform for professional events and networking for Project Managers/Change Agents/Change Makers, Young Professionals and Project Enthusiasts who want to level up their skills and mindset in Project Management.​ We seek for long-lasting partnerships with multiple organizations that invest to innovative and strategical project management and support the ground principles of Project Economy.​



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